Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Notecase 1.9.7 release

Free, open source version has just been released.
Major new features:
- autoindent (new line is indented on the same position as the line before it)
- Windows portable launcher now passes all its command line arguments directly to the notecase executable
Other changes include bug fixes and translation updates.

I must admit I have less and less free time to invest in the open source version lately :-(
As always feedback one the new version is welcome.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing updates for NoteCase. I hope you still continue developing NoteCase further.

Adriatic said...

I'm glad you like the project.
My current plan is to integrate the GtkSourceView into Notecase (will add syntax highlighting).
After that, I have some thinking to do. I am not sure how long I'll have time to keep working on a free version.