Sunday, January 17, 2021

Notecase Pro v4.5.7 desktop edition released

Notecase Pro v4.5.7 desktop edition has just been released.
Downloads are now available at

This release introduces four major changes (both anounced early in the discussion group for a possible feedback):
- consolidation of supported file formats, now only two file formats (.ncdb and .ncde) are considered official
- consolidation of trial modes, unregistered program allows for a 30-day trial mode with all features working
- moving to C++ 11 standard (with consequence of dropping Maemo and OpenPandora builds who do not support this)
- GTK3 code is considered stable now (no longer beta)

To explain the 1st item, "Save as" feature no longer allows you to choose legacy formats (.ncd, .ncz, .nce), but you can still open legacy formats (double-click in file manager or import), "Save" them, or export from official format to legacy ones. The purpose of the change is to make the choice of file formats matching to what's supported on Android, also having fewer file formats is less confusing and more friendy to new users.

Other notable changes in this release:
- add: Lua library updated to v5.4.1
- add: new macOS GTK3.x build to replace GTK2.0 one
- add: make the program compile on OpenIndiana Solaris (to replace old Solaris 11 builds)
- add: new Lua API to modify the recent scripts menu: Nc_App_RecentScripts_Add
- fix: right-click menu "Save Image" action is now practically instantaneous by avoiding recoding, could last up to minute before when saving 20MB embedded image
- fix: possible crash when deleting deep branch having note clones
- fix: possible SQL error when saving as .ncdb if the font name contained apostrophe, resulting file may have skipped saving some notes
- fix: issue within Nc_Note_InsertClone API that may create an issue with refreshing the note title in the Tree Pane
- fix: RTF format import did not reset background color and text hidden attributes after "/plain" keyword occurence (isses reported in TreePad .hjt format import)
- fix: inactive document tab can be hard to read when using dark theme (example GTK3 build with Cinnamon Kashmir Blue theme on Linux Mate)
- fix: setting background color on GTK3 build did not work

For detailed change list see: