Sunday, September 15, 2013

Notecase Pro v3.8.5. desktop edition has just been released

Downloads are now available at

This release is mostly a bugfix release, with some important bugs fixed, some speed optimizations
and two new file format being support for import (Evernote and The Guide).

Major changes in this release:
- support to import Evernote export file (.enex)
- support to import "The Guide" XML export files (created with gdeutil.exe, file extension renamed to .gdexml), see
- updated GTK for OS X to the latest stable version 2.24.16
- added new application event "Before document switch"
- improved RTF export by marking note titles as outlines/heading styles, added info section with document title and "Created by NoteCase Pro ..." comment
- new Lua methods to get/set fullscreen mode of the program (Nc_GUI_View_Fullscreen_Get, Nc_GUI_View_Fullscreen_Set)
- new Lua methods to get/set layout of the program (show both tree and text view, show only tree view, show only text view): Nc_GUI_View_Layout_Set / Nc_GUI_View_Layout_Get
- new Lua method to validate if the string is a valid UTF8-encoded string (Nc_String_ValidateUtf8)
- fix: copy/pasting note branch was blocked in Lite mode, restriction is removed now
- fix: possible crash when autosave process starts while showing plugin help
- fix: possible crash on start on OS X 10.7.5
- fix: rare case where program fails to start correctly on OSX (fix requires removing space character from "Notecase" folder name)
- fix: drastic Link Properties window start speedup, noticeable for documents having 10000 notes (delay initialization of note tree combo box)
- fix: "replace all" action is now cca 70% faster
- fix: program does not read center alignment from the HTML-based file formats (recent regression)
- fix: formatting and possible crash issue when moving text or image with mouse within Text Pane for the .ncdb/.ncde file formats
- fix: when copying text placed right next to an image, image was copied along with it
- fix: correctly parse hyperlink tags with missing href field, like:
- fix: possible crash when importing BestJotter CSV format (if the data are not valid UTF-16 encoded)
- fix: improve "HTML Format" clipboard format, fixes some pasting into Thunderbird issues (Windows only)
- fix: disable "Minimize to tray" and "Close to tray" settings on OS X, because tray is not supported here
- fix: replace action modifying the text next to the link can cause the link to be removed (text was preserved)
- fix: improve algorithm that detects when opening newer file format than current version can handle ("This document was created by a different or a newer version ..." warning); now uses new format version number info to compare versions instead of using app version data. In daily use this means less nagging if the file format did not change with newer version of the program.
- fix: when pasting to NoteCase Pro, HTML characters within PRE section being "escaped" (example < for <) were not un-escaped (done before for compatibility to NoteCenter)
- fix: inserting symbol through "Insert Symbol" window can cause the existing formatting left of insertion point to be moved one place to the left
- fix: when rearranging the tree notes with drag and drop, if you drop a tree note outside of the tree view, cursor gets stuck in the "drop" mode
- fix: improve handling of non-ASCII characters within the exported LaTeX file by adding few additional header lines in the export file
- fix: choosing a file with Cyrillic characters as a hyperlink target did not work correctly (invalid link)
- help file updates (work by Daniel Hertrich and Paul Merrell)
- Croatian translation updated
- French translation updated (work by Jeff Malka)
- Chinese Traditional translation updated (work by Richard Sun)
- Chinese translation updated (work by Stephen Zhu)
- Romanian translation updated (work by Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu)
- Polish translation updated (work by Kamil Dembkowski)
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- Finnish translation updated (work by Ville Pilviö)
- other bugs fixed

For a complete list of changes in this release, see change log at:
Thanks to everyone who helped during this cycle.

Note that Mageia 2 build is being deprecated (new Mageia 4 will be released soon) and will be removed in the next release.

PS. Few remaining builds should be done tomorrow.