Saturday, May 14, 2022

Notecase Pro v4.6.4 desktop edition released

Notecase Pro v4.6.4 desktop edition has just been released.
Downloads are now available at

Notable changes in this release:
- add: new Lua API Nc_Note_Image_Format_Get to get the format (JPG or PNG) used to store the image at a given note (image defined by index)
- add: new Lua API Nc_Note_Image_Insert_Mem to insert image from data loaded in memory (and possibly recode the image from one format to another)
- add: new Lua API Nc_Note_Image_Data_Get to get image data as binary string
- add: new Lua script ("64_ModifyimageFormats.lua") to convert all embedded images in the current document to desired file format (either JPEG or PNG)
- fix: adapt program to work with new OpenSSL v3.x library (tested in Ubuntu 22.04)
- fix: implement mechanism to open double-clicked document file in existing program instance for newer GTK3 builds that cannot not use libunique library
- fix: protect against possible (rare) crash when trying to restore note tree collapsed/expanded state when loading the document
- fix: protect against possible (rare) crash when trying to sort (with descendants) document notes with large number of notes
- fix: exporting document with attachments to HTML did not generate correct link to the attachment file
- fix: exporting .ncdb/.ncde document with attachments to HTML exported attachment files with size being 0
- fix: custom colors enabled/disabled flags may have not been saved/restored correctly in the General Settings window
- fix: internal text drag and drop within the same note text didn't work on GTK3.x builds

For detailed change list see help file or:

As deprecated in the last cycle, a number of builds have been removed now.
Aditionally, I've removed:
- 32-bit Mingw build for Windows (there is an alternative 32-bit build)
- Ubuntu 16.04 32bit build
I've added new Ubuntu 22.04 build, Fedora 36 builds.

Unless someone needs this, in next cycle I plan to discontinue the following builds (distros being EOL):
- Ubuntu 14.04
- Centos 7

Also, if no objections, I also plan to remove possibly unused/untested feature:
- running NcSyncServer as a Windows service