Saturday, April 17, 2010

The new release v3.0.1 is out!

Downloads are now available at
If you are using Windows build, it is highly recommended to uninstall previous version before installing the new one
(GTK layout was changed).

Major news are:
- add: added support to import images embedded into the RTF
- fix: change default GTK theme on Windows from "Raleigh" to "MS-Windows" (better looking one)
- add: support to export images from Notecase document into RTF (embedded images)
- add: support to import HTML files
- help file updates (work by Paul Merrell)
- fix: make Windows installer work even for restricted users (not having Administrator rights), program suggests different install folder for this install mode
- add: new build targets OpenSuse 11.2 64bit and Arch Linux 2009.08 32bit
- changed the Windows installers to copy GTK libraries directly into the app folder, Notecase does not use launcher applications anymore (for portable mode start with "notecase.exe --portable")
This should make the program less vulnerable to so called "DLL hell"
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- updated GTK for Win32 to latest version 2.20.0
- add: new Lua script to change Read-Only flag to entire branch under currently selected note ("24_SetBranchReadOnly.lua")
- add: tags that are assigned to the currently selected note are now painted with underlined text in the Tags Pane
- optimize saving a Sqlite based document (cca 7% faster now)
- fix: when dropping a single image file into the text view, insert the picture into the note text instead of adding it as an attachment
- add: double-clicking the note in the tree view shows Note Properties window (clicking the icon still shows the icon selector window)
- add: experimental Windows 7 integration code for adding recent files list into program's jump list
- fix: use device's Volume up/down keys on Nokia Maemo platform to enter/exit full screen mode
- add: use accelerometer chip information on Nokia Maemo v5 platform to adapt application window to current device orientation (portrait/landscape)

You can read detailed list of changes online at:

For those not being in the loop, here are some online resources related to NoteCase Pro:

a) Google group
converse with other users, post support requests and feature suggestions

b) Twitter
tracks the development of program

c) Facebook page:
consider enlisting as a fan of Notecase, or read some news

As always any feedback is welcome.

PS. Few additional news:
I am working on a OS X Snow Leopard installer, there is an experimental build available that uses GTK build with Quartz support (no X11 server needed), feedback if higly welcome.
It requires installing GTK from:
Then, the Notecase is installed from:

Another news is that I would like to start deprecating support for really old distros like
Fedora Core 6 and 7 and Ubuntu 6 and 7. If someone is using one of these let me know.