Thursday, December 28, 2006

Notecase factory

This is just a quick tease for all Notecase users. The next version will have (actually already has) support to insert images in your document. You can see how it looks at the picture below.

For the brave ones, the code to test this feature is available at
Hint: to use this, just click the second-last toolbar button ...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Atol file manager

The other open source project of mine is a file manager named Atol. It is a classical dual-panel manager, trying to emulate TotalCommander.

It all actually started with my Windows-only shareware project named "Fileharmonia" some years ago. As a business, it didn't fare too good, so eventually I reused much of this code in the process of creating a portable cross-platform file manager project.

First iteration of this conversion was a dead-end, I've used wxWindows library (now called wxWidgets), which turned out to bring in more problems that it solved (especially when writing multithread code).

Next and current coding iteration is directly based on GTK+ toolkit. I am much more satisfied to use GTK+ directly because this solution is more stable any more easy to work with.

After a few months of hibernation (I've been mostly busy with Notecase) I plan to prepare new Atol release, to show that this project is not dead.

It seems that the main problem with open source project is a motivation. Hacking on Notecase was much more fun lately, mainly because I got much more feedback from people out there.

So, for all users of Atol, don't be shy to contact me if you have any request. This might actually help the project that you use, and might boost my motivation to work on this project.