Monday, June 19, 2023

Notecase Pro v4.7.3 desktop edition release

Notecase Pro v4.7.3 desktop edition has just been released.
Downloads are now available at

Notable changes in this release:
- add: new optional parameter for Lua method Nc_GUI_Note_Select to make the window "always on top"
- 33% reduction in loading time for .ncdb/.ncde format
- copy paste of rich text format (with bold/italic/custom font formatting) is almost 3x faster now
- add: clicking the gutter (left margin with line numbers) toggles the selection of the text line
- add: two new optional parameters for Lua method Nc_GUI_Note_Select to specify window width and height
- fix: revert the GTK stack for Windows from gvsbuild to Mingw due to several issues
- fix: running Lua script through command line (--run) reports error in newer GTK3 Linux builds using gtk_application object
- fix: speedup code to auto-generate URLs when pasting text to note (may be noticeable when pasting big texts)
- fix: for faster load file integrity check was moved to File > Documents > Current > Compact menu action
- fix: failed license loading in latest Windows Mingw build (due to new OpenSSL v3.1.0)
- embedded Lua language updated to latest v5.4.6

For detailed change list see help file or:

New build added: Debian 12.
Following builds deprecated in the last cycle are now removed: Ubuntu 22.10,  Ubuntu 18.04 GTK2 build, Ubuntu 16.04 GTK2 build.

Working to fix Raspberry Pi 4 system and create this build...