Saturday, September 21, 2019

Notecase Pro v4.4.6 desktop edition release

Notecase Pro v4.4.6 desktop edition has just been released.
Downloads are now available at

This is mostly a bug fix release with new Lua API Nc_GUI_MultiInputDlg to show window with multiple input fields in your scripts/plugins.

Major changes in this release:
- add: you can enlarge undo list size (default 50) by setting the .ini parameter "UndoListSize" within "Operation" section to desired value (must be > 0)
- add: GTK3 for Windows (beta) updated from v3.22.26 to v3.24.8
- add: Attachment Pane now uses text color setting similar to Tree and Tags Pane
- add: OpenBSD version now supports backtrace generation in case of crash
- add: new Lua method Nc_GUI_MultiInputDlg enables input of more than one data value in a single window, sample script "61_MultiInput.lua" demonstrates the method usage
- add: new hidden .ini file setting to dump data program copied to clipboard for debugging purposes, activated with adding "DumpCopiedData=1" in "[Debug]" section
- add: manual .ini file setting to control if the .ncdb/.ncde files are opened in shared or exclusive mode ("Other" section, "SqliteShareMode=0" key will set to exclusive mode). Setting to exclusive mode helps when using synchronization through some 3rd party solutions like NextCloud (avoids possible corruption when sync process and app overwrite each other).
- add: when pasting HTML with content having a single embedded image, show option to resize the picture
- add: added "Deselect All" menu action within the sync list context menu in Sync Summary window
- add: added "Select All" menu action within the sync list context menu in Sync Summary window
- fix: Treepad import may fail to import parts of the (RTF type) note
- fix: "General Settings" dialog, when reopened after changing TextFont setting, shows the old font setting
- fix: cycle view modes does not work when using the layout with the tree-pane to the right
- fix: OpenBSD 6.5 build now uses clang instead of gcc compiler suite, fixing a hard to debug crash
- fix: GTK3 for Windows (beta) built with GtkSourceView support (syntax highlighting)
- fix: GTK3 build has non-functioning "Source Language:" combo in the Note Properties window
- fix: program startup up to 1 second faster when loading initial file (menu updates optimized)
- fix: typing speed increased by 7,5% in synthetic test (driven Lua script)
- fix: Greek text is exported to RTF file format without spaces between words
- fix: document "Author" field does not sync correctly
- fix: "Toggle Done Status" tree view action should not have default keyboard shorctut ' ' (space key)
- fix: improve sync algorithm to try proceed forward with sync if some non-critical (not impacting others) change failed (write error at the end)
- fix: shortcut keys assigned to the registered Lua scripts did not work
- added build for Solus Linux
- added build that runs on Windows XP
- updated Arch distro to latest version, both GTK2 and GTK3 (64-bit) builds updated
- Finnish translation updated (work by Ville Pilviö)
- sqlite database updated to latest version 3.29.0
- OpenSSL for Windows upgraded to v1.1.1b
- help file updates (work by Paul Merrell)

For detailed change list see:

These builds are deprecated and will be removed starting with the next release.
Let me know if you depend on them:
- Windows XP compatible build
- Ubuntu 14.04
- Slackware build
- Fedora 28 and 29
- Debian 8
- Mageia 5
- Scientific/RHEL 6
- OpenBSD 6.0, 6.2

Note that Centos 8 is due to be released soon, so for all those asking for RHEL 8, the build should be out soon.