Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Notecase Pro v4.6.2 desktop edition released

 Notecase Pro v4.6.2 desktop edition has just been released.
Downloads are now available at

Notable changes in this release:
- add: "Do not ask anymore" check box in picture properties dialog to skip showing image resize options and use defaults
- add: support to restore program window in another virtual workspace through permanent tray icon click
- upgraded GTK3 for Windows Mingw builds to version 3.24.31
- minor optimization, when adding new note, skip reloading Tag and Attachment Panes when the pane is not visible
- fix: do not overwrite the note's icon with "Note becomes parent" icon setting if the note already had custom icon assigned
- fix: autosave mechanism can cause the document ID to change, that can influence the document synchronization (entire document uploaded to server) and backup (old copies with different ID in name not being deleted)
- fix: creating a hyperlink to inline target did not work for GTK3.x edition
- fix: disable "Enable tree reordering using mouse" option on macOS (not supported correctly by GTK, same code works fine on other platforms)
- fix: GTK3 buids do not show "Spelling Suggestions" submenu in Text Pane context menu
- fix: when downloading a remote document in "Sync Admin", .ncd extension gets appended to the file name
- fix: in rare cases, when searching for some text, selected result in a note contents may not end up scrolled in the visible part of the text view
- fix: copy/pasting the bulleted list with strikethrough formatting applied over the entire note creates a text with two bullet points

For detailed change list see:

As deprecated in the last cycle, a number of builds have been removed now.
I've added new Ubuntu 21.10 build, Fedora 35 is in the process as well. Few missing builds should  hopefully be created soon.

Unless someone needs this, in next cycle I plan to discontinue the following builds (distros being EOL):
- FreeBSD 11 x86
- OpenBSD 6.5 x86_64
- Ubuntu 21.04