Saturday, May 14, 2022

Notecase Pro v4.6.4 desktop edition released

Notecase Pro v4.6.4 desktop edition has just been released.
Downloads are now available at

Notable changes in this release:
- add: new Lua API Nc_Note_Image_Format_Get to get the format (JPG or PNG) used to store the image at a given note (image defined by index)
- add: new Lua API Nc_Note_Image_Insert_Mem to insert image from data loaded in memory (and possibly recode the image from one format to another)
- add: new Lua API Nc_Note_Image_Data_Get to get image data as binary string
- add: new Lua script ("64_ModifyimageFormats.lua") to convert all embedded images in the current document to desired file format (either JPEG or PNG)
- fix: adapt program to work with new OpenSSL v3.x library (tested in Ubuntu 22.04)
- fix: implement mechanism to open double-clicked document file in existing program instance for newer GTK3 builds that cannot not use libunique library
- fix: protect against possible (rare) crash when trying to restore note tree collapsed/expanded state when loading the document
- fix: protect against possible (rare) crash when trying to sort (with descendants) document notes with large number of notes
- fix: exporting document with attachments to HTML did not generate correct link to the attachment file
- fix: exporting .ncdb/.ncde document with attachments to HTML exported attachment files with size being 0
- fix: custom colors enabled/disabled flags may have not been saved/restored correctly in the General Settings window
- fix: internal text drag and drop within the same note text didn't work on GTK3.x builds

For detailed change list see help file or:

As deprecated in the last cycle, a number of builds have been removed now.
Aditionally, I've removed:
- 32-bit Mingw build for Windows (there is an alternative 32-bit build)
- Ubuntu 16.04 32bit build
I've added new Ubuntu 22.04 build, Fedora 36 builds.

Unless someone needs this, in next cycle I plan to discontinue the following builds (distros being EOL):
- Ubuntu 14.04
- Centos 7

Also, if no objections, I also plan to remove possibly unused/untested feature:
- running NcSyncServer as a Windows service

Monday, February 21, 2022

NoteCase Pro running on PinePhone

NoteCase Pro is now running on PinePhone, thanks to the effort of Hollis Potter.

You can read the whole story on his blog at:

Thanks Hollis for a recipe and a nice write up!

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Notecase Pro v4.6.2 desktop edition released

 Notecase Pro v4.6.2 desktop edition has just been released.
Downloads are now available at

Notable changes in this release:
- add: "Do not ask anymore" check box in picture properties dialog to skip showing image resize options and use defaults
- add: support to restore program window in another virtual workspace through permanent tray icon click
- upgraded GTK3 for Windows Mingw builds to version 3.24.31
- minor optimization, when adding new note, skip reloading Tag and Attachment Panes when the pane is not visible
- fix: do not overwrite the note's icon with "Note becomes parent" icon setting if the note already had custom icon assigned
- fix: autosave mechanism can cause the document ID to change, that can influence the document synchronization (entire document uploaded to server) and backup (old copies with different ID in name not being deleted)
- fix: creating a hyperlink to inline target did not work for GTK3.x edition
- fix: disable "Enable tree reordering using mouse" option on macOS (not supported correctly by GTK, same code works fine on other platforms)
- fix: GTK3 buids do not show "Spelling Suggestions" submenu in Text Pane context menu
- fix: when downloading a remote document in "Sync Admin", .ncd extension gets appended to the file name
- fix: in rare cases, when searching for some text, selected result in a note contents may not end up scrolled in the visible part of the text view
- fix: copy/pasting the bulleted list with strikethrough formatting applied over the entire note creates a text with two bullet points

For detailed change list see:

As deprecated in the last cycle, a number of builds have been removed now.
I've added new Ubuntu 21.10 build, Fedora 35 is in the process as well. Few missing builds should  hopefully be created soon.

Unless someone needs this, in next cycle I plan to discontinue the following builds (distros being EOL):
- FreeBSD 11 x86
- OpenBSD 6.5 x86_64
- Ubuntu 21.04

Saturday, August 07, 2021

Notecase Pro v4.6.0 desktop edition released

Notecase Pro v4.6.0 desktop edition has just been released.
Downloads are now available at

This release features dark mode support for GTK v3.x builds.

Other notable changes in this release:
- loading of large .ncd documents on Linux is up to 8% faster
- add: Lua updated to latest version 5.4.3
- add: to show legacy file formats in File Open window, you can manually add ShowLegacyFileFormats=1 in "[Display]" section of the .ini file
- fix: registering supported text view clipboard formats caused program crash under Linux distros using Wayland compositor
- fix: Documents and similar folders became inaccessible starting with macOS Catalina (10.15.x). Applied likely solution (I need feedback if it helps) was to move launcher script contents directly into the program and for user to give access rights to these folders on startup when prompted.
- fix: Text Pane context menu had double "Copy" and similar entries in mingw build
- fix: do not show auto-save progress popup window if the program does not have a focus (avoid taskbar icon blinking)
- fix: workaround for crash on macOS when exiting by clicking the 'x' button
- fix: using document backup folder with non-ASCII characters in path did not work correctly on Windows
- new Fedora 34 and Ubuntu 21.04 builds
- fix: double-clicking document file in file manager program opened the document in new program instance on Windows Mingw builds (instead of opening in existing instance)
- fix: converting document with pictures to Keynote (.knt) format is much faster (speedup from 12 to 2 sec for specific test document)
- fix: document name with non-ASCII characters did not display correctly in title bar of the main window on Windows

For detailed change list see:

Unless someone needs this, in next cycle I plan to discontinue the following builds (distros being EOL):
- Ubuntu 20.10
- Ubuntu 19.10
- Ubuntu 19.04
- Ubuntu 18.10
- Fedora 32 and older
- Debian 9

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Notecase Pro v4.5.7 desktop edition released

Notecase Pro v4.5.7 desktop edition has just been released.
Downloads are now available at

This release introduces four major changes (both anounced early in the discussion group for a possible feedback):
- consolidation of supported file formats, now only two file formats (.ncdb and .ncde) are considered official
- consolidation of trial modes, unregistered program allows for a 30-day trial mode with all features working
- moving to C++ 11 standard (with consequence of dropping Maemo and OpenPandora builds who do not support this)
- GTK3 code is considered stable now (no longer beta)

To explain the 1st item, "Save as" feature no longer allows you to choose legacy formats (.ncd, .ncz, .nce), but you can still open legacy formats (double-click in file manager or import), "Save" them, or export from official format to legacy ones. The purpose of the change is to make the choice of file formats matching to what's supported on Android, also having fewer file formats is less confusing and more friendy to new users.

Other notable changes in this release:
- add: Lua library updated to v5.4.1
- add: new macOS GTK3.x build to replace GTK2.0 one
- add: make the program compile on OpenIndiana Solaris (to replace old Solaris 11 builds)
- add: new Lua API to modify the recent scripts menu: Nc_App_RecentScripts_Add
- fix: right-click menu "Save Image" action is now practically instantaneous by avoiding recoding, could last up to minute before when saving 20MB embedded image
- fix: possible crash when deleting deep branch having note clones
- fix: possible SQL error when saving as .ncdb if the font name contained apostrophe, resulting file may have skipped saving some notes
- fix: issue within Nc_Note_InsertClone API that may create an issue with refreshing the note title in the Tree Pane
- fix: RTF format import did not reset background color and text hidden attributes after "/plain" keyword occurence (isses reported in TreePad .hjt format import)
- fix: inactive document tab can be hard to read when using dark theme (example GTK3 build with Cinnamon Kashmir Blue theme on Linux Mate)
- fix: setting background color on GTK3 build did not work

For detailed change list see:

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Notecase Pro v4.5.5 desktop edition released

 Notecase Pro v4.5.5 desktop edition has just been released.
Downloads are now available at

This release fixes some reported bugs and improves .ncd load performance for up to 30%.

But the most important changes are two new Windows builds for GTK3 using Mingw compiler. This finally fixes the major issues (Windows only) preventing us to move the GTK3 build from beta. Mingw also solve the problem of making it easy to update different dependent libraries, so now Win64 has GtkSourceView support (line numbers, syntax highligting).
The only currently unsolved problem with new builds is audio recording, because mingw version of gstreamer package does not ship with needed audio input source ("dshowaudiosrc").
If someone uses Windows XP, I would be greateful to get feedback if Mingw builds work on XP (I don't have one).

In short, unless I get some major reports against GTK3 builds, the idea is to make this platform a default wherever possible. Additionally, the idea is for Mingw builds to  replace ones built with VisualStudio, so please comment if you have issues with it.

Major changes in this release:
- fix: indenting text with "Insert tabs as spaces" feature causes issue where formatting shifts along the text
- fix: different allocation/performance improvements making .ncd loading cca 30% faster
- fix: reduce vertical size of note title bar for GTK 3.x builds
- fix: prevent editing note contents while Note Pane widget is hidden (could get focus with Ctrl+P even if hidden)
- fix: remove "n" as mnemonic on a "File>Recent" menu, that letter is already taken by "File>New" action, use "r" instead
- fix: reduce space immediately below the document tab widget (GTK3 only issue)
- fix: improve memory model related to a mapping of clone notes, now uses cca 4,5MB RAM less when loading 300MB test .ncd document file, loading being cca 30% faster
- fix: possible crash when printing the document with embedded images
- fix: issue with embedding images from pasted HTML over https protocol serving images with chunked transfer encoding (example site:
- add: hidden setting to set up custom default input module
- add: force note title popup to be centered within the main window
- TLS protocol configuration in sync server/clients refactored to fix the interconnection problems between different OpenSSL versions (on Debian 10 vs Ubuntu 20 vs Android 10)
- updated rapidjson to master version as of 2020.05.30.
- bring back faster base64 implementation, previously reverted in v4.5.3 due to an algorithm issue (now fixed)
- fix: possible crash when importing Evernote .enex files, could also resolve possible crashes when loading any HTML based formats- add: new build for Freebsd 12.1
- added new Bodhi Linux 5.1.0 32-bit build
- help file updates (work by Paul Merrell)

For detailed change list see:

Working to fix the two missing builds: Raspberry Pi and Solus...

Saturday, June 06, 2020

NoteCase Pro for Android v1.2.2 released

NoteCase Pro for Android v1.2.2 has just been released.

Download is now available at

This is mostly bug fix release.

Changes in this release:
  - bring back setting to enable debug-level (more detailed) logging
  - fix: possible note text loss in dual panel mode when editing notes after exiting the app and coming back to it
  - restore cursor position when restoring app
  - changed top-right icon in file dialog from "go to root" to "go to parent" because user usually can not read root folder
  - file dialog current path becomes invalid after trying to browse non-readable folder
  - when typing empty (and invalid) password when loading encrypted document, do not proceed to show empty document
  - setting to backup to custom folder, show selected value, change value with popup menu on click
  - added "Save" option to text editor in both landscape and portrait mode
  - added customizable shortcut entry for "Save" option -> try to set to Ctrl+S and see if it works for you, did not manage to test this yet, must find HW keyboard
  - improved TLS protocol configuration code (used in "Sync" feature) to have better compatibility across different Android versions
  - pressing Enter in password input dialog will automatically activate "OK" button
  - removed "Resize images" preference (unused)
  - fix: possible crash when rotating device while having some unsaved changes and backup on save enabled
  - fix: sometimes preference summaries are not refreshed immediately (stops working after coming by to preference that was already open before)
  - fix: bulleted list items get concatednated after synchronizing the note from desktop edition
  - sqlite database updated to latest version 3.31.1
  - Croatian translation updated
  - Chinese Traditional translation updated (work by Richard Sun)
  - Chinese translation updated (work by Stephen Zhu)
  - French translation updated (work by Jeff Malka)
  - German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
  - new Portugese Brasilian translation created by Tiago and Lucas Bacciotti Moreira

Feedback is appreciated. I am interested in your design and general ideas, bug reports, ...
If you would like to volunteer for translating program to your language, feel free to contact me.