Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Notecase Pro v2.7.3 released

The new version is out. Mostly concentrated on bug-fixing and speed improvements, but there are some nice new features too.

Some highlights:
- fix: drastically speed up the file save operation for .ncd/.nce file formats (on my test document new save time is cca 20% or the original save time)
- add: new Windows installer concept working similarily to the already existing portable install (advantages: does not change environment variables on the PC, less vulnerable to "dll hell")
- add: dropping the URL on the tree view creates a note that is a hyperlink (previously it created an ordinary note)
- add: Find dialog was enhanced with the option to search in the note contents (text) only
- add: implemented "Remove From List" command in the flat list view context menu (does not delete actual note, just removes it from the flat view)
- add: left click on the save warning label (status bar) starts the file saving operation
- Romanian translation updated (work by Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu)
- add: save reminder in the status bar changes color from gray to red when enough document changes have been accumulated (to remind you it's time to save)
- fix: do not translate the "Insert new node or select an existing one to start typing." string multiple times (should drastically lower CPU usage on Linux)
- fix: greatly improved speed of fetching the image from the internet ("Html contains image links. Do you want to fetch and embed images into the document?")
- moved "Insert symbol" menu command to the "Tools" menu
- honor hoisting when printing the document (only work with notes below the hoist root note)
- fix: "date_last_acknowledged" was not being written back to the document after the task was triggered (caused the already ack. task to be triggered)
- add: implemented "File"/"Document"/"Document compact" menu action that compacts the database-based file format document
- add: added Ini-file key to disable loading gstreamer audio system ("[Startup]" section, "DisableGstreamer=1" key), must be adeed manually, no GUI yet
- add: make flat/tree view column sizes restored on the next application start and when switching between flat and tree view modes

You can read detailed list of changes online at: http://virtual-sky.com/history.php

As always feedback is welcome.

Friday, May 01, 2009

User mail problem

For Kouzuki-san: if you are reading this, can you please send me a mail from another account.

I've been trying to send you license key file three times now without success.
Hopefully, another mail account of yours will help me to complete this process.