Friday, July 22, 2022

NoteCase Pro for Android v1.2.3 released

 NoteCase Pro for Android v1.2.3 has just been released.

Download is now available at

This is mostly bug fix release with major improvement being a drop down menu in document open form listing all your SD cards.

Changes in this release:
  - update appcompat library to 27.0.2 to fix crash related to "IllegalStateException: Fragment has not been attached yet" error
  - new option to compress camera images (preferring JPEG vs PNG format)
  - request permission MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to be able to write to shared storage
  - document open form now has a drop down menu listing available SD card targets

Feedback is appreciated. I am interested in your design and general ideas, bug reports, ...
If you would like to volunteer for translating program to your language, feel free to contact me.

Big news, this is last time I'll be mailing the news via email.
I am discontinuing the mailing list mostly because Gmail (majority of users use it) security features broke my mailer, so most of the mails will be rejected.
In the future please track news by subscribing to my Twitter account (
or reading the project blog at