Saturday, December 05, 2009

Notecase Pro v2.9.1 release

I am now uploading the latest Notecase Pro release


- some important bug fixes
- save algorithm for .ncd/.nce/.ncz formats is now 60x faster (from 30:35.500 to 29.546 on 75MB test file)
- help file improvements (work by Paul Merrell)
- new "Save all on minimize" option to save changes for every document when program is minimized
- Lua script that takes a list of tags from clipboard (one tag per line) and adds them to the current note
- support to store custom properties (name+value strings) in the document file (per-document or per-note properties)
- support to abort loading html based format files (.ncd, .nce, .ncz)
- crash log for Linux now includes crash backtrace in the log
- support aborting the "List all notes" operation

You can read detailed list of changes online at: