Monday, March 31, 2008

Notecase video tutorial

There is a new video tutorial on Notecase created by an user. Thanks Dai! The video is embedded in this blog post, you can also reach it at the original address:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Notecase Pro 2.0.7 released

New Notecase Pro v2.0.7 is out there, featuring some some important fixes and some major new features.

New features like:
  • major: copy/cut paste of text now maintains the formatting: font, bold, italic ... (using HTML for clipboard format meaning that you can copy formatting even across the different instances of NotecasePro or to your HTML editor)
  • major: plugin system implementation (experimental) - currently only defines import API
  • implemented import plugin to support OPML file format importing
  • toolbar button to quickly activate/deactivate spellchecker (not available on Maemo due to small screen size); disabled when language not defined or no aspell
  • Option window - automatically list available aspell dictionaries in the combo box (user does not need to remember the language codes anymore)
I also got some really good ideas from my clients, so expect some great things in the future.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Affiliate sales

I am currently in the process of finding the partners to help me sell Notecase Pro through the affiliate sales network.

Basic idea is this:

If you are confident in your marketing skills, you would be tasked to build your own sales channel for my product. This is probably a new website or something similar.

Each sale made through your channel can be tracked, and you will earn a percentage of the sales that you generated.

If you think this offer could be interesting for you, please contact me to any of my mails.