Thursday, November 14, 2013

NoteCase Pro for Android v1.0.4. release

NoteCase Pro for Android v1.0.4. has just been released.
Download is now available at

NoteCase Pro for Android is the companion app to Notecase desktop, and supports the .ncdb and .ncde (encrypted) file formats
so the same files can be shared between desktop and Android editions.

It can be activated by buying the 2USD license through PayPal (use "Buy Now" at the page)
or by using the "All OSes, lifetime" license for the desktop version of the program.
When shopping, please leave your email, so that after the payment, I can send you the key file in the email.

Installation instructions for your Android device:
    - prerequisites: program requires Android 3.0 or newer
    - download the .apk file and transfer it from your to your phone's SD card
    - enable installing applications from unknown source ("Settings" > "Applications" > "Unknown Sources" check box)
    - use some file manager application installed on your phone/tabled to click on the Notecase.apk file to start the installation
      ("ES File Explorer" free file manager app is a good choice)
    - if you get problem installing the app, try uninstalling the previous version first
    - copy your license key to your SD card root folder (usually named "/sdcard" or "/mnt/sdcard")
    - start the app

    - uses .ncdb and .ncde file format identical to the one used in the desktop version
    - you can create a new document or open an existing document file
    - Tree Pane is displayed featuring the hierarchical tree of your document notes
    - basic note operations supported in the Tree Pane are: insert, delete, rename
    - short click on the note title in the Tree Pane open Text Pane featuring rich text formatting editor
    - there are two different GUIs, one for phones and one for tablets (landscape mode) embedded in the same app
    - in the file open dialog, there is an additional way to navigate to the parent folder by using the swipe from right to left gesture action
    - you can create a shortcut to selected document on your phone's desktop

Changes in the new release:
    - major change is complete rewrite of text editor component, changed from using TextEditor to WebView weidget.
        This considerably increases editor quality and the expense of raising minimal supported Android version to 3.0
    - moved invoking of the settings page from option menu (deprecated in newer Android versions) to action bar button
    - add support to use front facing camera to input pictures (like the one on Nexus 7)
    - converted entire application to use standard action bars
    - fix: note having a hyperlink inside a contents does not allow for correct cursor positioning with finger tap
    - fix: in tablet layout mode, tree view selection is hidden/not refreshed correctly
    - add: increase maximal size of recently used files list from 10 to 20
    - add: setting to use small font size in the tree view
    - add: setting to use small font size in the recently used file list
    - add: setting to show only file name in the list of recently used files
    - add: option to confirm saving note changes
    - removed option to cancel saving item, now that we have explicit dialog asking if you want to save changes
    - add: remember/restore last used path in the File Open window
    - add: show progress window while deleting notes
    - fix: deleting big branches is now 25X faster
    - bug fixes
Feedback is appreciated. I am interested in your design and general ideas, bug reports, ...
If you would like to donate the program translation for your language, feel free to contact me.