Monday, March 23, 2009

Notecase Pro 2.6.6 released

I've just released a new Notecase Pro version 2.6.6.

Major changes are:
- faster .ncd/.nce file format saving operation (test document average save time changed from 31sec to 17sec)
- experimental build for 64-bit Windows (looking for testers!)
- if the document title is defined, it will be used as tab title
- added new internal icon ("favorite"-like yellow star)
- new help file update (work by Paul Merrell)
- much faster copy to clipboard of plain text (no formatting links or pictures) document notes (on test PC copying 11MB text note is almost instantaneous)
- using standard File Save dialog (with some usability fixes) for Save As operation
- added "--run" command line switch to enable running a Lua script on start-up
- implemented initial "Send via E-mail" feature (works with OE on Windows, might work on Gnome with gio builds on Linux, does not work on other "platforms")
- loading .ncd document is now much faster (big test document load time changed from 16sec to 7sec)
- support to build Slackware package in its own .tgz format
- support to build Puppy Linux package in its own .pet format (done on Slackware using the tgz2pet script)
- support to reorder document tabs using mouse (drag and drop)
- automatic hyperlink generator now supports "file://" links too
- added support for email hyperlink type (new type in the Link Wizard window)

You can read detailed list of changes online at:

As always feedback is welcome.

PS. Don't forget that you can converse with other NoteCase Pro users, post support requests and feature suggestions, and talk about anything
related to the program by joining the NoteCase Pro user group at <> (also linked from the
NoteCase Pro Help menu). You can read archives online or subscribe to receive posts by email.

If you are a user, consider enlisting as a fan of Notecase, or rad some news at:
Additionally, Marco Costanzo opened Facebook group related to his data analisys technique related to Notecase at:

One more note: if the English is not your native language, consider helping to
translate Notecase Pro to your own language.
You can find more date and information at these pages:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Interesting article

I've just been informed by the authors about the online article titled
100 Free and Useful Portable Apps for College Students

Authors selected 100 best free programs useful to students and the free version of the Notecase is in the list!

Anyway, you might also be interested in other 99 programs, so feel free to take a look at the list.