Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Notecase Pro v4.5.5 desktop edition released

 Notecase Pro v4.5.5 desktop edition has just been released.
Downloads are now available at

This release fixes some reported bugs and improves .ncd load performance for up to 30%.

But the most important changes are two new Windows builds for GTK3 using Mingw compiler. This finally fixes the major issues (Windows only) preventing us to move the GTK3 build from beta. Mingw also solve the problem of making it easy to update different dependent libraries, so now Win64 has GtkSourceView support (line numbers, syntax highligting).
The only currently unsolved problem with new builds is audio recording, because mingw version of gstreamer package does not ship with needed audio input source ("dshowaudiosrc").
If someone uses Windows XP, I would be greateful to get feedback if Mingw builds work on XP (I don't have one).

In short, unless I get some major reports against GTK3 builds, the idea is to make this platform a default wherever possible. Additionally, the idea is for Mingw builds to  replace ones built with VisualStudio, so please comment if you have issues with it.

Major changes in this release:
- fix: indenting text with "Insert tabs as spaces" feature causes issue where formatting shifts along the text
- fix: different allocation/performance improvements making .ncd loading cca 30% faster
- fix: reduce vertical size of note title bar for GTK 3.x builds
- fix: prevent editing note contents while Note Pane widget is hidden (could get focus with Ctrl+P even if hidden)
- fix: remove "n" as mnemonic on a "File>Recent" menu, that letter is already taken by "File>New" action, use "r" instead
- fix: reduce space immediately below the document tab widget (GTK3 only issue)
- fix: improve memory model related to a mapping of clone notes, now uses cca 4,5MB RAM less when loading 300MB test .ncd document file, loading being cca 30% faster
- fix: possible crash when printing the document with embedded images
- fix: issue with embedding images from pasted HTML over https protocol serving images with chunked transfer encoding (example site:
- add: hidden setting to set up custom default input module
- add: force note title popup to be centered within the main window
- TLS protocol configuration in sync server/clients refactored to fix the interconnection problems between different OpenSSL versions (on Debian 10 vs Ubuntu 20 vs Android 10)
- updated rapidjson to master version as of 2020.05.30.
- bring back faster base64 implementation, previously reverted in v4.5.3 due to an algorithm issue (now fixed)
- fix: possible crash when importing Evernote .enex files, could also resolve possible crashes when loading any HTML based formats- add: new build for Freebsd 12.1
- added new Bodhi Linux 5.1.0 32-bit build
- help file updates (work by Paul Merrell)

For detailed change list see:

Working to fix the two missing builds: Raspberry Pi and Solus...