Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Notecase Pro v4.7.7 desktop and v1.2.4 Android edition released

Notecase Pro v4.7.7 desktop and v1.2.4 Android edition has just been released.
Downloads are now available at https://www.notecasepro.com/download.php

The major change in this release is file .ncdb/.ncde format change allowing for faster document load (noticeable with documents having hge number of notes). New versions will automatically upgrade the file format, so first load with new version may take a slightly longer, subsequent loads are much faster.
The change is forwards-incompatible, i.e. old program versions can not read new/converted documents, so all editions had to be upgraded simultaneously.

Notable changes in this release for desktop:
- major: .ndcb/.ncde file format merges 3 different database tables (notes_tree, icons and tasks) back into main "notes" table for faster document loading
- add: support to import JPEG image with binary encoding from RTF file (\jpegblip\bin)
- add: new build for FreeBSD 14.0 (backported to v4.7.6 as well)
- fix TLS connectivity when using synchronization feature between Android client and newer sync server (using OpenSSL v3)
- fix: macOS was built without GtkSourceView support because GTK3 stack for macOS switched from GtkSourceView v3 to v4 and build system did not detect new version (backported to 4.7.6)
- fix: crash on startup on macOS Sonoma (backported to 4.7.6)
- additional document loading optimizations, .ncdb test file now loads 45% faster than in official 4.7.6 release
- fix: file format upgrade for .ncdb/.ncde should fail cleanly when the file is read-only (loading now reports an error)
- removed redirection to feedback web page on Windows package uninstall

Notable changes in this release for Android:
- enable automatic capitalization of sentence or new line on note content editor
- map Windows font "Consolas" to a monospace font style on Android
- major: adapt .ncdb document format to changes done in NoteCase Pro for desktop v4.7.7
- add TLSv1.3 to list of allowed protocols
- support pinning files in "recently used" list

Ubuntu 23.04 will reach End of Life on January 25th 2024, so this build has been deprecated. Same goes to FreeBSD v12.1 build. Raspberry Pi armhf build (older build for armhf architecture, not the new AARM64 build) has been removed, because qemu VM can not build the code anymore due to virtual memory allocation error in the compiler.

For detailed change list see help file or: https://www.notecasepro.com/history.php