Friday, December 19, 2008

New release

I've just released new Notecase Pro v2.5.7.

Major news:
- syntax highlighting support (only newer distros were compiled to use this)
- optionally show line numbers in the text view
- subscript and superscript text formatting
- "Scripts" / "Register script" window to register up to 10 scripts to be displayed in the scripts menu
- "Scripts" / "Script events" window to register scripts to be automatically executed at the specified program events
- OPML export support
- plain text with tabs file format (import and export)
- "Find and Replace" can now be run globally (over the entire document)
- new .ncz file format (basically it is a compressed form of .ncd file format)
- new link execute code for Nokia platform (I need your feedback on this)
- new Fedora 10 build

You can read detailed list of changes online at:

All builds that were built to include syntax highlighting feature (see if "Node Properties" window has "Source language" combo box) now require that you install gtksourceview library (at least version 2.4.1). It can be found at:

Note that the Solaris build is delayed, distro broke apart while running its package update program. That's why I would like to know if any of you uses Solaris build (the logs show only one download for Solaris).

As always feedback is welcome. I am especially interested in the feedback on the new Maemo code to handle hyperlink clicks.

Additionally, if you are interested in having the program in your own languages, why not contribute a translation? You can find more info on Notecase Pro translation here:

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

New (last) free Notecase release

I am now in the process of releasing new Notecase v1.9.8.
The major news are:
- syntax highlighting using GtkSourceView library
- text line numbers
- text formatting can now be applied even it there is not text selected
- fixed undo issue

GtkSourceView usage in the code is optional. Not all builds where done with support for GtkSourceView! The reason is simple: some distros are quite old and I couldn't compile GtkSourceView for them. For example, when compiling on Fedora 6, GtkSourceView complained it requires GTK+ >= 2.12.x, but I could not find the newer GTK package for this distro. That's why only newer distros are compiled with this library.

Note that this is my last release of the free Notecase. It's been 4 years since I've started the project, and it was a great experience. I had a great feedback and the project seems to become popular.

As always, the problem is basically my free time. I have less free time than before, and now my time is mostly reserved for my Notecase Pro project. It became more and more hard to maintain two different projects who are growing more and more apart in their code base.

This is my final decision, it's been "cooking" for more than several months now. I won't make any new releases or builds, but you can send me your translation updates, and I'll post the at the project's website.

The beauty of open source is that the source code is here, and anyone can fork and improve the project under a new name.

Anyway, enjoy the new release. My feeling is that I've left the project in decent state and it is pretty usable for all the standard tasks you might want to do with the program.
If you want something more, consider buying Notecase Pro.