Monday, June 23, 2008

Another release

Today, few days after the Pro release, I've released the free version too (v1.9.3).
Other than standard bugfixes, there is a new FreeBSD 7 build and an important 12 times speed-up when loading a document having big attachments or images.

Free version of Notecase is feature-wise complete, so expect less frequent releases in the future.

My plans for the next period of time is to improve Notecase Pro, adding support for task management, and to improve tagging support.

There were some people who wrote to me about Atol file manager. Unfortunately, this project is more or less dead, there is practically no demand for it.

Friday, June 20, 2008

New release

New Notecase Pro v2.2.8 has been released.

The major news in this version:

- implemented "export presets" (export settings can be saved by name)
- document bookmarks
- quick search mode for tree view (type letters in tree view to jump to the matching note)
- "Open from web" menu to load document from http:// link
- new FreeBSD build
- 12x speedup when loading .ncd documents with big images/attachments
- imortant bug fixes

You can read detailed list of changes online at:

I am now preparing an update for the free version of Notecase. It should be released in a few days.

Note to Marie-Hélène: I had problems to send you notification of the new release. It appears your mail is not valid anymore, so please send me a new one.