Friday, April 24, 2009

Notecase article

If you are Japanese user of Notecase or you know Japanese language, here is the link to the online review of Notecase in written in, you can already guess, Nihongo :) .

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Notecase Pro version 2.7.0 has just been released

Major changes are:
- multiple bug fixes
- add: implement tree view columns (switched on/off through the document tab context menu, columns edited through header context menu)
- help updates (work by Paul Merrell)
- add: draw "completed" notes with strikethrough font in the Flat List View too
- add: show note icons in the Flat List View too
- add: added option to make the note "Completed" from the Flat List View (context menu option, shortcut works too)
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- add: new "List All Notes" feature to make a flat list of all notes in the document
- add: implemented "Delete Document" action (under "File/Document") to close the current document and delete it from disk
- add: new "Is Clone" column for tree view having these states ("", "clone", "clone of current" (currently selected note))
- add: add new task status values "planning" and "waiting", old status "initial" renamed to "not started", old status "normal" renamed to "in progress"
- add: support to search notes by task status property (see "Find" window)
- add: added Lua method to get tags associated with the note (NcDocument_GetNoteTags)
- add: find window can now accept empty date field to search for the notes whose task dates have not been filled in
- add: support to accept dropped URL or web page selection from Firefox both in tree view and text view (Linux only, GTK on Windows still does not have full d'n'd support)
- add: implemented "Go to clone's source node" option in the tree view context menu
- add: new Lua method to insert new document note (NcDocument_InsertNote)
- add: new Lua method to set note contents (NcDocument_SetNoteHtml)
- add: new Lua method to create new document (NcDocuments_New)
- add: new Lua method to save the document to file (NcDocument_Save)
- add: ability to search note by "Is completed" property
- add: added "Invert marked nodes" feature
- add: when making the note "completed", make its task state completed too (if the task exists)
- add: ability to search note by "Is clone" property
- add: add new possible flat list columns: "Status", "Completion Date", "Expire Date", "Node Flags"
- add: implemented "Use block cursor" feature (Options -> Display tab) to draw thicker text view/text entry cursors
- add: added "Up", "Down" buttons to reorder entries in the list of files to be loaded at startup (Options window)
- add: implemented "Save All" feature, to quickly save all modified document with one command
- add: support for hyperlink to the local file stored as a relative path
- add: added "Force icon for attachments" feature to force the clip icon to the notes that have an attachment (user's note selection is not removed, just not temporarily used)
- add: store/restore "Store as relative link" state for new hyperlinks in the .ini file
- add: initial support for importing RTF type of the notes in the Treepad document

You can read detailed list of changes online at:

I am in the process of updating a roadmap page at:
There you can see major tasks that I would like to implement in this program.

As always feedback is welcome.

PS. Note that some users noticed that Ubuntu .deb when installed on the latest 9.04 beta can end up showing empty list in the File Open window.
It appears that when linking with GnomeVfs library instead of GIO, this problem goes away. That's why I've created yet another build for Ubuntu that explicitly links with GnomeVfs.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Group test: note takers

I've just stumbled upon a nice article (first published in Linux Format magazine) where they compare 6 most popular note taker programs for Linux.

Free version of Notecase got a really nice review and the 8/10 score with the verdict: "The best GTK-based note taking tool around: mature, feature-laden and very snappy in use."
Notecase was placed second in total list (Basket being the first).

You can read the article here.