Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The new NoteCase Pro release v2.9.8 is out!

Downloads are now available at

Major news are:
- option to perform auto-save directly to the main document file (as opposed to using a temporary crash-protection copy)
- improved RTF export adding support for bulleted list, hyperlinks, text color and text background color
- support for one-click installation on Nokia Maemo (using .install file pointing to the apt-get repository)
- new build targets: Centos 5.4 x86_64, Debian 5.0.4 i386 and amd64
- GTK for Windows 32bit upgraded to version 2.18.7, for Windows 64bit build upgraded to version 2.18.6
- updated translations for Croatian, Romanian, German and French language (many thanks for all volunteer translators)

You can read detailed list of changes online at:

As always any feedback is welcome.