Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Notecase Pro v4.2.6 desktop edition released

Notecase Pro v4.2.6 desktop edition has just been released.
Downloads are now available at http://www.notecasepro.com/download.php

Major changes in this release:
- add: you can now load .ncdb/.ncde document in multiple instances of the program (1st instance can edit the document)
- add: for read-only documents show "READ ONLY" marker in the main window title bar
- add: new setting "Note Pane caret color equals to text color" helps users who use dark note backgrounds
- add: "Delete Line" feature deletes current line or deletes all lines where selection exists
- add: assign default node icons for notes created by importing from RTF
- add: HTML based document format (.ncd, .ncz and .nce) files are now locked while in use to prevent overwriting (1st can edit, others can read)
- fix: drastically speedup the search within .ncdb/.ncde files (skip loading note images when searching for some text)
- fix: report .ncdb/.ncde document update errors to user (for example if someone renamed the file or network share goes down)
- fix: when moving text within a note using drag and drop, then doing "Undo", hyperlink might shift within the text
- fix: "Word count" crashes on Linux in some cases
- fix: drastically improve "Word count" speed, operation time running on 70MB .ncd file reduced from 19sec to 4sec
- fix: speedup loading big files with large number of mostly expanded notes on Linux (issue did not manifest on Windows)
- fix: improve handling underline when importing from RTF
- fix: add support to import strikethrough from RTF
- help file updates by Paul Marrell
- Croatian translation updated
- Finnish translation updated (work by Ville Pilviö)
- Chinese Traditional translation updated (work by Richard Sun)
- French translation updated (work by Jeff Malka)
- Russian translation updated (work by Сергей Янсонс)
- Chinese translation updated (work by Stephen Zhu)
- Dutch translation updated (work by William Ouwehand)
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)

For detailed change list see: http://www.notecasepro.com/history.php