Friday, October 24, 2008

Notecase Pro v2.4.7

I've just released new Notecase Pro v2.4.7.

The news are:
- implemented document outline printing (note titles arranged in a tree)
- greatly improved Knowit import (external links and formatting are now supported)
- undo/redo toolbar buttons now have attached menus (you can now undo more than one step at a time)
- flat list view now supports additional column types (use context menu over the column headers to switch on/off)
- some important bugfixes

Thanks to everyone who helped with reporting the problems or sharing their ideas.

To share some ideas with you, for the next version my plans are to implement two major features: node cloning and text alignment formatting (left, right, center).
These two have been the most wanted features judging by your mails.

You can read detailed list of changes online at:

I am now preparing a free version of Notecase, it should be out within a week.

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