Friday, October 31, 2008

Notecase Pro Scripting

Yesterday, I've added a "proof of concept" support for scripting within the Notecase Pro. You can test the sample application here (warning, this is unofficial release).

Basically, I've integrated well known Lua programming language interpreter (, known for its simplicity, speed and small size.

The image above may look ordinary :-), but behind this is a major feature.
Currently, Notecase Pro only exports "MessageBox" function, but on the next release I hope to add export to 10 most useful internal methods for opening/closing the documents, getting document count, ...

I am interested in your feedback.

What kind of script would you write for Notecase ?


Anonymous said...

Please create a Version for PalmOS 5.4! I will buy them!

Adriatic said...

Unfortunately, PalmOS 5.4 is not Linux based and there is no GTK toolkit port for it.

Sorry for bringing the bad news.