Sunday, November 27, 2022

Notecase Pro v4.6.9 desktop edition released

Notecase Pro v4.6.9 desktop edition has just been released.
Downloads are now available at

Notable changes in this release:
- add: when exporting document to HTML, make external hyperlinks open in a new tab when clicked (previously this worked only for "Format with tree in separate frame" subtype)
- add: new "Restore 'do not show again' options" option in the General Settings dialog (page "04 Global")
- add: new command line parameter "--password-file" to read document password from the file (to improve security)
- add: new command line parameter "--new-instance" for force opening the new program instance (instead of opening document in already existing one)
- add: new command line parameter "--no-config-update" to cause the program instance not to update config file on exit (useful when starting/stopping multiple instances from a script)
- fix: drop down to select target note in Link Properties window does not allow selecting non-leaf notes in GTK 3.x (rewritten to use popup window selector instead)
- fix: zoom note text using Ctrl+mouse wheel feature was broken in GTK3.x builds
- fix: rare crash when deleting the note while its embedded images are still being loaded in the background
- fix: prevent similar crashes due to loading images while moving the note within the document tree
- fix: opening link with space character encoded as "%20" (imported from Freeplane document) did not work
- fix: hyperlinks to inline targets (anchors) did not export correctly in "HTML with tree in a separate frame" format
- fix: when importing Freeplane links to local files, convert them to absolute links so they keep working in Notecase document as well
- fix: possible crash when redrawing document after being synchronized
- fix: links assigned to note title were not drawn in correct color in Tree Pane
- fix: marked notes may have not been drawn in correct color in Tree Pane in some cases
- fix: copying more than cca 50kB to cliboard in GTK3 Linux build, then pasting the data to a new NoteCase Pro instance blocks for 30sec then fails
  (the fix removed the call to force the clipbard data being stored when app exits)

For detailed change list see help file or:

A number of new builds was added, including Fedora 37, Ubuntu 22.10, Suse Leap 15.4, AlmaLinux 9 (RHEL9).
OpenSUSE Thumbleweed build has switched from GTK2 to GTK3.

As deprecated in the last cycle, Suse 42 build have been removed now.
Additionally, Windows 32-bit build, Mageia 6 64-bit build (replaced by Mageia 8), Ubuntu 21.10 (end of life), Centos 8 (replaced with AlmaLinux 9), Arch 64-bit GTK2 (GTK3 version remains).

Unless someone needs this, in next cycle I plan to discontinue the following builds (distros being EOL):
- Fedora 33 - 35 (end of life)
- Debian 10 (end of life)
- Mageia 6 32-bit build (end of life)

I am currently working to upgrade OpenBSD from 6.8 to 7.2, but the code has some issues compiling with latest version of openssl library, so it may take some time.

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