Sunday, November 24, 2019

Notecase Pro v4.4.8 desktop edition release

Notecase Pro v4.4.8 desktop edition has just been released.
Downloads are now available at

This is mostly a bug fix release with new export to Keynote file format.

Major changes in this release:
- add: export to "Keynote" (*.knt) file format
- add: APIs to get/set note title formatting:  Nc_Note_Title_Bold_Set, Nc_Note_Title_Italic_Set, Nc_Note_Title_IsFormatted
- add: new Lua script "62_TitleFormattingTest.lua" to demonstrate the usage of note title formatting APIs
- add: Nc_GUI_SelectionDlgTbl got an optional parameter to allow for multiple items selected, if multi-select mode used, method returns a table with indexes of all selected rows (instead of single index integer)
- add: Nc_Note_Format_IsFormatted now returns additional string with the font/color that spans the tested range (if font/color was tested and the format type match found)
- add: deprecate "Toggle Tag Marking" feature (will be removed in next cycle if no users object), making it "opt-in" by adding "TagMarking=1" in "[Display]" section of the .ini file
- add: new Lua method Nc_Note_Title_Format_Clear to clear all note title formatting
- "Save As" to .ncdb format operation duraion has reduced by 40%
- added a number of telemetry data points to measure how much are some program features used (see Glossary > M-Z > Telemetry for more info)
- sqlite database updated to latest version 3.30.1
- new builds for Fedora 31 and Ubuntu 19.10 created
- fix: "Tools" > "Modify document as sample" did not write modified data into the file (regression since last release)
- fix: when replacing text within the bulleted list using paste, subsequent link formatting can be shifted incorrectly by one character to the left
- fix: document Tree Pane can skip to be refreshed under certain conditions when loading the 2nd file in a row
- fix: possible program crash when searching some non-existent item throush Search Bar
- help file updates (work by Paul Merrell)

For detailed change list see:

As announced in the last cycle, these previously deprecated were now removed:
- Slackware build
- Fedora 28 and 29
- Debian 8
- Mageia 5
- Scientific/RHEL 6
- OpenBSD 6.0, 6.2

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