Wednesday, May 29, 2019

NoteCase Pro for Android v1.1.9 released

NoteCase Pro for Android v1.1.9 has just been released.

Download is now available at

Detailed list of changes in the new release:
  - fix: drastically faster tree widget build for big note trees (5k items builds in 5sec compared to 83sec before)
  - fix: delete node operation faster noticeable on documents with large number of nodes (update model phase in document with 5k notes all in one level, now 0,5sec down from 17sec before this change)
  - fix: "Save as" action can be significantly faster now
  - fix: possible crash when opening app Settings
  - fix: "Unload encrypted doc on restore" setting now defaults to unload after 15 seconds of inactivity, now also supports value 0 (disabled)
  - fix: "Unload encrypted doc on restore" allows to setup periods larger than 99 seconds (up to 4 digits)
  - fix: trigger document backup before note create/delete/rename too (before it was triggered only when node content edited)
  - fix: do not ask for password when rotating screen with encrypted document loaded
  - fix: ellipsize tree item text, restrict it to 2 lines maximum so that tree view looks better for deep trees that do not fit the screen
  - fix: ellipsize file open/save item text, restrict it to 2 lines maximum so that tree view looks better for long file names
  - fix: automated check for app updates would fail on Android 8 and newer
  - fix: file dialog wont start if (last used, restored) directory doesn't exist
  - add: remember/restore last selected note when loading the document
  - add: remember where the settings file was last exported to or imported from and default to there on the next export/import
  - add: view image in gallery on long press - so it can be viewed in full screen and zoomed
  - logging improvements: no more "Save debug log on exit" setting (log created always), up to 3 log sessions are kept on disk and sent in case of feedback (user usually wants to report issues in previous session)
  - sqlite database updated to latest v3.28.0

Feedback is appreciated. I am interested in your design and general ideas, bug reports, ...
If you would like to volunteer for translating program to your language, feel free to contact me.

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