Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NoteCase Pro for Android alpha version has been released for public testing.
The build will expire on February 2012.

You can download the Android package here:

Installation instructions for your Android device:
- prerequisites: program requires Android 1.6 or newer
- download the Notecase.apk file and transfer it to your phone's SD card
- enable installing applications from unknown source ("Settings" > "Applications" > "Unknown Sources" check box)
- use some file manager application to click on the Notecase.apk file to start the installation

- uses .ncdb file format compatible as used in the desktop version
- you can create or open existing document file
- Tree Pane is displayed featuring the hierarchical tree of your document notes
- basic note operations supported in the Tree Pane are: insert, delete, rename
- short click on the note title in the Tree Pane open Text Pane featuring rich text formatting editor
- in the file open dialog, there is an additional way to navigate to the parent folder by using the swipe from right to left gesture action

Feedback is appreciated. I am interested in your design and general ideas, bug reports, ...

If you would like to create a program translation for you language, please translate the phrases written in this file and mail me translated file (for example as "strings_it.xml" for Italian translation):
Currently, the file contains on 30 phrases to be translated.

As you can see, graphics (program icons) is the area where I need a lot of polish.
If someone is good at this department, and wants to cooperate, please contact me.
In return for you work, I can offer you free Notecase Pro license or some similar deal.

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