Monday, July 06, 2009

Notecase Pro v2.7.6 released

Major highlights of this release:
- 6 - 10 times speed up the file save operation for .ncd/.nce file formats
- drastically lower CPU usage on Linux systems
- formatting Styles feature (apply your custom combination of bold, italic, font, colors, .. to the selected text)
- added "Acknowledge All" and "Snooze All" features for Task Expired dialog
- postpone autosave process by 10 seconds, if the user is currently typing working with the program
- faster find operation when searching by "has attachment" or "is task" flags within the .ncdb file format document
- some fixes to the Windows application launchers, should reduce "dll hell" problems
- help file and tips.en.txt file updates (work by Paul Merrell)

You can read detailed list of changes online at:

As always feedback is welcome.

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