Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Notecase Pro v2.4.3 release

This weekend, I've released the new version of the Pro edition.
Clients were notified on time, I just had not enough time to write a blog post on it.

The major news in this version:

- major task management improvements, recurrent tasks are now supported (alarm settings still need to be implemented)
- new "Open associated URL" feature that allows you to connect your public document with some website part (allowing users to easily post the comments on the exact document note)
- many important fixes including printing, undo, copy/paste and HTML export fixes

You can read detailed list of changes online at: http://virtual-sky.com/history.php

As always I am interested in your feedback, especially from those who run the progam on Nokia devices, since I don't own one (I would like to know if all windows can fit the screen, screenshots welcome).

Many users are now being more active in sending their improvement ideas, so if you have one, don't hesitate :)

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