Saturday, April 26, 2008

Notecase 1.8.8 free version released

Yesterday I've released the new free version of Notecase.
The new version is mostly bug-fix release with some important bugs fixed, thanks to the numerous quality reports from different people.

Additionally, there is a new platform supported: eeePC (Xandros).


Anonymous said...

thank you for notecase. its a great program and i just started using it. keep up the good work!

Adriatic said...

Thanks for liking the program :)

virens said...

Thank you for this program - it is that's what I searched so much!

Several ideas:
1. It would be great to copy-and-paste already formatted text like webpages. I mean that one can copy a HTML-formatted text into NoteCase without loosing of formatting (or maybe I didn't install some dev-packages? :-))

2. Also "Use system's language settings" can be a default option - I was very glad to see completely translated program to my native language.

I will shortly post a post about it in my blog. Thanks again for great program!

Adriatic said...

Idea #1 is already implemented in the Notecase Pro version (no plans to port this in the free one).

Idea #2 is good one. Thanks! I've added it into my "to-do" list.

I can not promise that each oft he ideas will be implemented, but feel free to send them to me.