Thursday, February 28, 2008

Notecase 1.8.1 is out

I've just released the new version of the Notecase.
Apart from the standard bug fixes and multiple translation updates,
there is a new OSX 10.4 (Intel) build and a feature to execute an attachment with double-click within the attachment list (as suggested by one of the users).

Note that the build and release process (for all supported targets), takes more than three hours these days :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.
Works great for me.
Kalise from Spain

Adriatic said...

Great news, thanks for the feedback.

Anonymous said...

Great work on this release!

One bug is that even in version 1.8.1, the formatting jumps around a few characters forward when pictures are present in a note.

Not sure what could cause this, but even if you manually realign the formatting it will be even further off the next time you reload the document.

Anyway still a great project!

Adriatic said...

Thanks for reporting, I've managed to reproduce the bug and it will be fixed in the next release.

Anonymous said...

Yes actually now each time I save a notecase document all the formatting after a picture is moved by 1.

If I change:
Line 1705, FormatIOHtml.cpp
gchar* pszPos = g_utf8_offset_to_pointer(szBuf, fmt.nOffset-nOffsetTot);
gchar* pszPos = g_utf8_offset_to_pointer(szBuf, fmt.nOffset-nOffsetTot-1);

Then everything after the picture is OK, but all formatting before the picture is moved back one space! I guess there has to be a flag "before picture" or "after picture" ..?

Anonymous said...

OK I think I fixed the bug...if you insert this code at Line 1705 of FormatIOHtml.cpp formatting will work with pictures in the note.

int kludge = 0;
int numPix = node.m_lstPictures.size();
if( numPix > 0 ) {
for( int lcv = 0; lcv < numPix; lcv++ ) {
PixInfo &pix = node.m_lstPictures[lcv];
// this formatting's index is greater
// than that of a picture
if( fmt.nOffset > pix.nOffset ) kludge++;
gchar* pszPos = g_utf8_offset_to_pointer(szBuf, fmt.nOffset-nOffsetTot-kludge);

Also, changing line 1481 of the same file from:
gchar* pszPos = g_utf8_offset_to_pointer(szBuf, pix.nOffset-nOffsetTot-i);
gchar* pszPos = g_utf8_offset_to_pointer(szBuf, pix.nOffset-nOffsetTot-(i*2));

Seems to correctly offset images after save/load.

Maybe I messed things up but it worked for me :3

Adriatic said...

Thanks for the tips. I plan to release Pro version in next 7 days.
Then I'll concentrate on the other release.

Unknown said...

Thank You for this great app!

Adriatic said...

I've fixed the issue with formating and picture involved.
You can fetch latest pre-release code (with more changes included) at:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the update!

BTW you may already know this, but nPosBuf in FormatIO_HTML::WriteLevel can now reach -1 and crash the program with std::out_of_range. :(

Put two pictures side-by-side in a note with a letter of text beneath and the program will crash. You could just add a simple check for -1==nPosBuf but then the segmentation won't always work right, and you won't be able to use formatting for the last x characters of a note, where x is the number of pictures in that note.

Sorry I know I keep posting these things. :(

Adriatic said...

Thanks. If you are interested to help the project more, why don't you contact me to my email.
I see you have experience with coding and debugging.