Thursday, February 14, 2008

New build(s) coming

This will surely be a good news for a lot of people who asked about this issue:
I've managed to get access to Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).
Starting with next release, I'll ship the builds for this system for both Notecase and NotecasePro projects.

Compared to older OS X 10.3, starting Notecase from X11 terminal does not feel strange anymore, application has much better look-and-feel now.

Additionally, I am trying to get the projects compiled on one of the OpenSolaris-based distros, but this might take some time. I've tried "Project Indiana" distro, but it was literary crawling inside my VMWare server. Next I've tried Schillix, and the latest experiment was with Nexenta.

I'll probably keep Nexenta for a while, but the big problem is to install Gnome desktop, GTK+ toolkit and other important packages on this distro. Its apt-get repository seems to be missing the required packages, or I am missing some obvious information (I've did my share of googling though :-).

This means that OpenSolaris build might not get there for a while (any help is welcome).

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