Sunday, December 02, 2007

Release time

I've just released latest Notecase Pro version 1.8.7.
You can read more about the new features in my previous post.

Note that the new build for Maemo OS2008 is untested, because I don't have the actual device, and the emulator behaves somewhat unstable.
That's why I need your help! If you have latest N810 or N800 with upgraded OS, please try the software. I am interested if the package installs correctly and all the other feedback that you can send me.

Other news:

I have to thank Saul Thomas for yet another support for the Notecase project. This is a second time that he bought me the book from my wishlist. Thank you Saul!

Here is also a call to John who bought a license for Notecase Pro:
it seems that the e-mail address that you submitted at registration is invalid.
Please contact me directly to my email, so I can send you the registration key.

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