Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas for all the readers that celebrate this holiday.

I've been contacted recently by several people regarding the Notecase (Pro) build for latest OS X Tiger. Unfortunately, I don't have an access to such machine, I only can build for older OS X v10.3.7 system (PPC based).

Previously, I had a similar situation with Sharp Zaurus platform. Notecase project was able to expand to Sharp Zaurus platform due to generous donation by a user.
User was compensated through the free lifetime license for Notecase Pro, and some other requested custom work integrated into the project (MM/LX import).

So if anyone is willing to donate Mac mini with OS X Tiger (10.4) installed, feel free to contact me directly. It can be second-hand machine, but it must work :)
Compensation similar to the one with donator of Zaurus would be arranged.

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