Saturday, November 03, 2007

I've just made a release of Notecase Pro v1.8.2.

Major new feature is a Print and Print Preview.

For Windows, I've upgraded GTK to the latest version 2.12.1, so please make sure to check "Install GTK" in the installer.

The new GTK version for Windows fixes some bugs with Print Preview (Linux version does not have those bugs), but not all of them.
I've reported the GTK Windows bug to the GTK developers, so hopefully it will be fixed in the next version. Note that this Windows bug is related to Print Preview, not the actual Printing (embedded images are not displayed in print preview window).

Another new feature is a history list (go back/forward toolbar buttons).
Other than that I've fixed some important bugs.

Feel free to send me your feedback on this.

PS. New Notecase is planned to be released in next 5-7 days.
I also plan to put a "roadmap" page for Pro version at the website in a day or two. You are invited to send your ideas too.

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