Wednesday, September 19, 2007


It's been a while since the last post. After releasing new version of both Notecase and Notecase Pro, there were some issues with the code that required quick fixes and new release posted.

Now that the "crisis" is over, I've turned to the brave new features.

I've noticed that Notecase Pro version loads the new database format (.ncdb) slower than it should. After some profiling and a lot of tweaks in various places, the new results are spectacular! New fixes benefit the other document formats as well!

My test .ncdb document with 6411 nodes now loads in 2 seconds instead of 9 (as was before).
Load time for the same document in .ncd format fell from 27 to 4 seconds.

If that does not sound spectacular listen to this: load time for the another .ncd document having 31000 nodes fell down from 338 to just 10 seconds !

Off course, having changed so much code will require detailed testing.

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