Sunday, October 29, 2006

Notecase news

My personal pet-project named Notecase ( is an hierarchical notes manager, written using GTK+ and C++.

Lately, I've started to receive much more user feedback on it than before, mostly due to the fact that it started being used on Sharp Zaurus platform. Thanks to the feedback I got some quality ideas and bug reports to fix for the new release.

So, expect new release soon with the following news:
  • default HTML format no longer uses PRE tag to store text formatting. This will enable better CSS formatting when Notecase document is exported to HTML
  • some memory leaks fixed
  • I've managed to find and fix serious problem with CBlowfish encryption class when compiled in 64-bit environment
  • CSHA1 class was updated to new version, solving another problem with x86_64 architecture
  • "cut branch" operation was implemented
  • Ctrl+T now cycles through the 3 view modes: text view only, tree view only, both views visible
  • menu items for tree branch operations were merged with "Copy/Paste/Cut" items from Edit menu

For those who can not wait for the new release you can always fetch latest pre-release code at:

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