Thursday, August 02, 2007

Wind of change

I hope you like the latest speed of changes, here is another one :)

Few days ago I've read a great tutorial on how to develop for Nokia Maemo (Nokia N800) platform using a SDK on your Linux distro. You can find the tutorial here.

The result is a Notecase port to Maemo platform (see the screenshot below) !

The only strange thing that I've noticed is that the toolbar is placed at the bottom of the screen. I've yet to see if this is my error, or something else.

This is a completely new platform for me, so I am very interested if someone could give it a try, test the program, and give me an opinion.

Binary .deb and sources are available at the standard (pre-release code) storage:


Anonymous said...

I would be happy to test but for I get a 'not installable'. I have running the latest official release (4.2007.26-8) on a n800. For further questions contact me at sourceforge (ppregler).

Anonymous said...

I currently use KJots as my notebook/outliner, but its lack of basic text formatting (bold, etc) has led me to the discovery of Notecase. I am interested in it, but I do have a concern:

I tried Notecase out and I saw that it uses a single xml file for a whole set of nodes. My concern is memory usage. I like to keep all my notes open all the time, and my notes keep growing all the time as well. In kjots, this does not seem to be a problem because kjots uses seperate files for every "book", and only loads a book on demand as I use it.

Does Notecase load the whole .ncd document into memory when opening? I am thinking that if so, this could be a problem with my very large collection of notes that I like to keep simultaneously open. Or would this not be a problem?


Anonymous said...

It may not be clear from my comment above that what I intend to do is to keep ALL my notes in just one notecase document, so that everything is immediately accessible to me. (I prefer not to have to keep opening different files to access my notes). Thanks again.

Adriatic said...

You are right, Notecase currently loads entire document into memory.

In practice, this is not a problem for real-life documents (lets say less than 40MB big) on standard PC.
It all depends on how large your document is and what computer do you use.

For even bigger documents, the only slow part are actually load and save operation, editing operation itself is as fast as before.

I am currently working on a database-based document format, but this will be added to Pro version only.

My advice is: try to generate some big document, and test for yourself if the performance suits you.

Anonymous said...

I have got document with about 350 nodes worth of 250KB. Loads without any problems on the N800. Regards, Peter