Sunday, August 19, 2007

New Notecase Pro release is approaching

I am working hard to iron the last problems with the new Pro release.

The release should be impressive, with major features:
  • two new file database-based document formats (encrypted and unencrypted). This will allow for creating and using really huge documents.
  • text font formatting support
  • text background color formatting
  • option to automatically generate links while typing URLs ("http://", "https://", "ftp://")
  • added "Read-Only" document property
  • MAEMO platform support (Nokia N800)
Thanks to Peter Pregler who is helping me to test Maemo port, I've managed to fix some platform related problems and improve .deb instalation.
The only Maemo-related problem is that when using "maemo-custom" file open/save file choosers, application keeps crashing.

If someone can help me with the problem, you can find both latest code for Notecase and the .deb file at

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