Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Project feedback

We users are interesting creatures.

Sometimes, we do not like how some part of the program works. Or we have some cool ideas that would make it 100 times better!

But usually we keep the ideas for ourselves. Or we speak to the wrong people.

Being curious about what users think on Notecase, I run a thorough Google search from time to time.

And this thing always amazes me: you can find a lot of ideas and bug reports in some blogs, forums, newsgroups that were never pushed upstream to the project's author.

Even worse: you can a number of distros that patch the Notecase code but they never try to work with me to push those changes upstream.

It appears that this is a more rule that exception in a open source world. Maybe the users are afraid to have the idea rejected. That's one possibility, but this is also a chance to make the program that you use better and more suited to your needs.

I always kept an open ear to the user suggestions. I don't plan to stop now :)


David said...

A forum ( would encourage feedback and discussion.

Adriatic said...

Hi David,

Notecase already has forums, bug and feature reporting mechanisms at:

I guess not a lot of people knows this. I'll probably put the additional link to the main webpage.

Anonymous said...

very good!