Monday, June 29, 2015

Notecase Pro v4.0.5 desktop edition released

Notecase Pro v4.0.5 desktop edition has just been released.
Downloads are now available at

This is a bugfix release, fixing an issue where deleting branch can cause the program to crash in some cases. You are advised to upgrade.

Changes in this release:
- fix: clicking date icon for the date field in Tree Pane should edit date of the clicked item, not the currently selected item
- fix: per user request, "Cut","Copy", "Paste" items were reinstated into Note Pane context menu
- fix: "Join marked notes" operation had issues with .ncdb/ncde file format
- German "tips of the day" file updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- fix: Lua method Nc_String_AnsiToUtf8 regression (returning only success value)
- add: NcSyncServer program now supports setting the custom port through "--port" command line parameter
- add: two new Lua methods to read/modify automatic icon settings: Nc_Config_AutoIcon_Get, Nc_Config_AutoIcon_Set
- Lua library upgraded to version 5.3.1
- add: new sample Lua script "51_ImportTextFileTreeAnsi.lua" to import set of files encoded as ANSI (analogous to "22_ImportTextFileTree.lua" which imports UTF-8 files instead)
- fix: regression in tabbed text file format (.tab) import
- fix: issue with delete branch code after import

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