Friday, July 20, 2012

Notecase Pro v3.6.8. has just been released

Downloads are now available at

Major changes in this release:
- "Register Plugins" window has evolved into "Plugin Manager" with option to list and install plugins from the online repostory
  To disable automatic online check if the "Plugin Manager" list of plugins has changed, you can use key "FeedAutoPoll=0" placed in the "[DocPlugins]" section of the notecase_pro.ini file
- improve exporting font information when doing HTML export (use em for size, break font info into separate sections for size, bold, italic, font family)
- improve sorting to group the titles having the same case (currently all instances of "Test1" are not grouped together when sorting the set containing "test1", "Test1", "TesT1", ...)
- new Lua method to present a selection dialog with Lua table as an input (Nc_GUI_SelectionDlgTbl)
- new Lua method to get the main window layout type (Nc_Config_MainLayout_Get)
- new Lua method to get the screen size in pixels (Nc_Env_DisplaySize_Get)
- new Lua methods to get/set the width of List/Tree Pane columns (Nc_App_List_Col_GetWidth/Nc_App_List_Col_SetWidth)
- new Lua methods to help querying list of registered plugins (Nc_App_RegisteredPlugin_GetCount, Nc_App_RegisteredPlugin_Path_GetByIdx, Nc_App_RegisteredPlugin_Name_GetByIdx)
- new Lua method Nc_Event_Current_GetShortName for script to know if it was called within some program event
- new Lua method Nc_Script_Path_Get for script to get it's own file path name (.lua file or NoteCase document where the script is stored)
- new Lua method Nc_Tag_LastActivated_Get to get the activated tag when processing the "After Tag Activated" event
- new Lua method Nc_App_List_Note_FindByID to get position in the List Pane (if exists) of the note specified by its ID string
- new program event "Before header Tex exported" with new related methods Nc_Doc_ExportTex_Header_Get, Nc_Doc_ExportTex_Header_Set allows you to customize document header when exporting to LaTeX
- new program event "Before note Tex exported" with related methods to allow you to customize note contents exported to LaTeX (Nc_Doc_ExportTex_CurNoteID_Get, Nc_Doc_ExportTex_CurNote_Get, Nc_Doc_ExportTex_CurNote_Set, Nc_Doc_ExportTex_Type_Get, Nc_Doc_ExportTex_RootNoteID_Get)
- new program event "After Tag Activated" triggered after (Ctrl+)Enter key press or double click on the tag in the Tags Pane
- Lua method Nc_GUI_InputDlg got two new optional parameters to define dialog width and height in pixels
- Lua method Nc_GUI_Note_Select got another parameter (and return value) to optionally add an extra button to Note Select window
- fix: possibly wrong document can be closed when clicking on a tab's "x" button
- fix: when doing "Save As" operation, the resulting document must get new Unique ID value
- fix: improve Keepnote import to add support for new, modified XML format
- fix: special French characters were incorrectly exported to RTF on Ubuntu when system GUI language was not set English
- Croatian translation updated
- Chinese Traditional translation updated (work by Richard Sun)
- Finnish translation updated (work by Ville Pilviö)
- Dutch translation updated (work by PhpFox Holland)
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- Romanian translation updated (work by Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu)
- Chinese translation updated (work by Stephen Zhu)
- Polish translation updated (work by Kamil Dembkowski)
- help file update (work by Daniel Hertrich)
- other bugs fixed
- removed following deprecated builds: Fedora 8, Fedora 15, Open Suse 11.4

For a complete list of changes in this release, see change log at:

Thanks to everyone who helped during this cycle.

Note that the site has been redesigned.
That site is now a central place to search for (free and commercial) Notecase Pro plugins and scripts.

Note that I plan to deprecate Ubuntu 10.04 and Open Suse 11.4 builds in the next cycle. If anyone needs to use those, let me know.

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