Sunday, October 12, 2014

Notecase Pro v3.9.5. released.

Notecase Pro v3.9.5. desktop edition has just been released.
Downloads are now available at

Major changes in this release:
- support for exporting to Markdown file format
- add: support "Whole word" search matching in Find and Replace windows (plain text search only)
- add: support for "Transform backslashes" in both search and replace operation text (except for regex fields), currently supported escape sequences are: \\, \t, \r, \n
- add: updated Sqlite to a snapshot (as of 2014-09-26 18:30 UTC) of incoming v3.8.7 (having up to 18% speed improvements in some tasks over the previous version)
- add: Lua method Nc_GUI_InputDlg got an option to show check box below the text input field
- add: new Lua script "49_DistractionFreeMode.lua" that puts the program into a mode where toolbar and Tree Pane are hidden (and program put to full screen mode) for distraction-free mode text editing
- add: new Lua script "50_ExitDistractionFreeMode.lua" to restore program from didistraction-free state back to normal
- add: new option in Global Settings/Loading page, "Ask to reload when document changes on disk" allows  you to disable default file change monitoring mechanism
- add: new command line parameter "--force-reload" forces silent reload of all documents in the previously opened instance of the program
- fix: when adding attachments from files having accented characters within the name, file name is not correctly displayed in the Attachment window
- fix: improve document loading speed for big .ncdb/.ncde documents (when loading test document with 10k notes, loading time went down from 8.5sec to 3.4sec)
- fix: last used note scroll position was not restored when switching between documents and back
- fix: "Save All" operation is now substantially faster when saving set of documents where some documents have not been changed (do not switch to tabs of the documents that don't need to be saved)
- fix: Text Pane context menu sometimes does not show image related menu items when the menu was started over the image inside the note
- fix: improve loading .ncd documents being corrupted by having "binary junk" content in them, program crash is now less likely in this case
- fix: "Send via email" fails with error "One or more invalid recipients" if the email client is Microsoft Outlook
- fix: when exporting to RTF with "done" notes marked as deleted, mark both title and text as deleted (only title was marked before)
- fix: choose better default email title in "File" > "Send via E-mail" (old one was 'Hi'), title depends on the selection of document part to be sent (doc. title or note title or 'Note List')
- fix: when trying to create a hyperlink by selecting some text preceded by an image, erroneous error "Selection must not span both text and image" appears
- fix: disable use of menu mnemonic characters on Mac, it is not a standard and it enables user to use Alt+E to enter Euro sign inside the note
- fix: hard to reproduce issue when creating a hyperlink of type "email" actually creates a "link to file" type
- fix: searching regex expression in the mode to fill results in the list never ends (until aborted)
- fix: after successful search, when searching for a non-existent term "No Match Found" message does not appear anymore
- fix: issue using regex "." to match every character in the document (in order to replace them with some other character), not every letter was matched
- fix: Lua method Nc_Note_Tag_Exists always returned 1
- fix: Replace dialog's search action does not honor case sensitivity
- help file updates (work by Paul Merrell)
- Croatian translation updated
- Finnish translation updated (work by Ville Pilviö)
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- Chinese translation updated (work by Stephen Zhu)
- French translation updated (work by Jeff Malka)

For a complete list of changes in this release, see change log at: Thanks to everyone who helped during this cycle.

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