Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Release day

I've just made a double release!
Notecase v1.6.1 and Notecase Pro v1.6.4 are out.

New things in Notecase:
- Macintosh OS X port
- support to execute links for Linux systems that don't have GnomeVFS (thanks to Barry Kauler from Puppy Linux for a suggestion)
- "Change password" feature for encrypted documents
- added support to execute your own external script to process exported file (post processing)
- import from text file
- import: if unknown format, ask user whether to import as text file
- optional "close to tray" feature (when clicked "x" on window title, minimize to tray instead of closing)

Notecase Pro ships with previously listed features and these major new feature:
- spellchecker support (based on aspell)
- bulleted list support
- hyperlinks now can point to the node inside another Notecase document
- there is a new view - flat list view - that can be filled by a search action
- option to edit picture in external image editor

This Notecase Pro release has been one of the release with a biggest number of code changes. I hope you'll like the speed of the changes :)

I am very eager to hear your ideas and thoughts on the future of this program.


Anonymous said...

Just installed Atol but cannot launch. Error message is "The procedure entry point XKML_SetDoctypeDeclHandler could not be located in the dynamic link library xmlparse.dll." Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

This should be easy to fix. Just find xmlparse.dll in c:\gtk\bin and copy it to atol directory.

The source of the problem is probably another application that installed older version of the same dll in the window system directory.