Friday, June 08, 2007

New Notecase Plans

I've been on a vacation in Ireland recently, and now that I am back, I am working on my new plans for Notecase.

You might have noticed, it became hard to invest my free time into a free project (I've been doing it for 3 years now). Lately I had a simple choice: either to drop this project and start working on a paying side-jobs, or to start commercial venture based on the Notecase project.

Since I can not let go off this project easily, I have a following plan:

The plan is to create a commercial version of Notecase named "Notecase Pro", that will incorporate many advanced features and feature that are not trivial to add.
The possible commercial success of this project will enable me to continue working on a free, open source version of the same project. For the free version, I plan to concentrate to make it bug free and make it faster.

So, you can expect new Notecase Pro release soon. It will feature:
- multiple document interface
- support to import Knowit documents
- support to import Keynote documents
- support to import Treepad documents

Document importing might ignore text formatting in the first version, but I plan to support the full thing soon.

If you wish some new feature, I am open to your ideas and suggestions.

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